9 Safest Countries if World War 3 happens

We firmly believe that human beings are the most intelligent life form on this planet. Ironically, we also do the seemingly implausible stupid things that threaten the very survival of our own species. For instance? Wars. We once thought that the human race has finally outgrown the need for war. Unfortunately, we were dead wrong. During these times that the global political arena is scorching hot, we can’t help but wonder, which are the safest countries if World War 3 happens?

How Plausible is World War 3?

Thankfully, World War 3 is still a hypothetical scenario. There are various safety harnesses that prevent it from happening, but this harnesses can one day break, be it by accident or malicious intent.

There are several hypothetical scenarios that can cause World War 3, and thankfully there are restraints that stop them from happening for now. The following are possible triggers for World War 3.

NATO-Russia Conflict

Flag of RussiaNATO Flag

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Russia have a poor relationship ever since the end of the Cold War. Given the military strength of Russia, the overwhelming combined military force of 29 members of NATO (mainly because of the US), the obligation of each NATO member to militarily intervene if a member is attacked and the ever-present tension between Russia and members of NATO, many people speculate that NATO can trigger a landslide of events that can escalate to World War 3. Thankfully, the conflict between NATO and Russia is more about propaganda and sheer display of force.

It is highly unlikely that either side will be on course for a head-on collision because they have little to gain for the price they will pay.

US-China Tension

flag of the united stateflag of china

China and US are in a very complicated relationship. They have a strong economic bond (and can, therefore, pose serious economic threats to each other) but have a tainted political and military relationship resulting from the formation of the People’s Republic of China, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and many other conflicts of interest. The tension grows even more complicated as both nations try to establish their presence and influence in Taiwan and the Philippines.

If US and China ever get involved in a war, it will likely be a full exchange of Nuclear Weapon and conventional warfare involving the allies of both nations including NATO forces, Russia and many other countries tangled in the chaotic affair between China and US. Thankfully, the severe economic repercussion that will result from the severing of ties of the two nation makes a war between the two unlikely to happen.

Tension in North Korea

flag of north koreaflag of south korea

North Korea’s dictator and self-proclaimed deity are always in the front page of the news, thanks to his display of intimidating nuclear power and threats to South Korea. Several nations have raised concern about this display of force including the superpowers Russia, US and China, though the US is the only one to directly imply that they will intervene if South Korea is attacked.

Theorists suggest that if war breaks out and North Korea is attacked by athe US and South Korea, China will possibly move in to seize control of nuclear weapons that are near their territory. It is the post-war management of these weapons and North Korean territories that can cause conflicts which will possibly escalate to World War III. For now, all we can hope for is that North Korea will fear the fact that their flashy nukes are far outnumbered by those of the US.

Bottom Line

The tensions mentioned are none but three of several possible scenarios that can trigger World War 3. The safety nets that stop this gigantic scale war from happening can easily be severed. In fact, there have been lots of World War 3 close calls in history. Most of these close calls were false alarms caused by some external factor. Full scale conventional war and nuclear onslaught. If those false alarms were not clarified, US and Russia were both torn apart by nuclear strike unleashed by each other.

What Makes a Country Safe from World War 3?

First and foremost, a country is only safe from the third World War if it will not be involved in it. That means that the allies of the three major superpowers are automatically crossed out from the list of the countries that are safe from World War 3 unless they have features that will make them extraordinarily safe. Next, these countries should be impenetrable by conventional warfare because if they are vulnerable from such an attack, their strategic value and easiness to takeover can tempt other countries to attack them if given a Casus Belli. Last, they should be self-sufficient in terms of energy and food production because the global supply chain will definitely be disrupted.
Without further ado, the following countries are the safest countries if World War 3 happens:

List of Top 9 Safest Countries if World War 3 Happens

9.) US

flag of the united state

Well, I won’t blame you for raising an eyebrow for this entry. The US will likely be involved in World War 3 in one way or another, so you’d expect that it is not one of the safest countries if World War 3 happens. However, if you choose to live in the right suburban state, you can live self-sufficiently as long as you know how to do so. In addition, US is quite impenetrable through conventional warfare, thanks to its competent military and numerous armed citizens.

location of USA
USA, the country that will surely be involved in World War 3 is also the country that will most advance military equipment

US is also protected by NORAD, an ICBM early-warning system and tons of strategic interception missiles scattered throughout several countries, making ICBM penetration somewhat unlikely unless the enemies of US ends up winning the arms race.

8.) Fiji Islands

flag of fiji

Chances are, you haven’t even heard about it. This paradise is relatively unknown to most non-travel-loving people. It is a small island located near Australia.

Fiji Islands, as the name implies, is surrounded by water. Combined with the fact that it has 332 islands and it is isolated in nature, staging an amphibious attack will be a nightmare. In addition to this strategic advantage, Fiji islands do not have a military responsibility to other nations so it is a safe bet that Fiji islands will not interfere with other countries during World War 3. Furthermore, the Fiji Islands is self-sufficient in terms of energy production. In fact, 80% of Fiji’s power comes from hydroelectricity.

location of fiji
Mounting a conventional assault against Fiji is a logistical nightmare with little to gain in return

Perhaps, the main selling point of Fiji Island as one of the best countries to go to during World War 3 is the environment. If you know how to be self-sufficient, you can live decently despite the economic collapse that will come with a global scale war.

The people of Fiji Islands live through subsistent agriculture, which means that farmers produce enough to feed their own family. Yep. A prepper will feel right at home. If you know how to farm and fish, then you won’t have to worry about food. Feel free to enjoy the view and sate your hunger while the whole world begins to crumble. There is a catch though. The economy of Fiji has a pretty consistent trade deficiency, which means that their imports far outweigh the exports. This trade deficiency is supplemented by tourism, but you can expect tourism to crash if World War 3 ever begins. In short, the economy of Fiji Islands will likely be disrupted by the World War, but you can still live decently if you know how to be self-sufficient by yourself.

7.) Tuvalu

flag of Tuvalu

Tuvalu poses no strategic importance. It is too isolated from major powers to be used as a staging ground for attacks and has little to say in terms of resources, so you can rest assured that it is one of the last places that will stand as the Earth begins to crumble. Furthermore, the people of Tuvalu relies on the food they harvest themselves, so Tuvalu is pretty self-sufficient in terms of food.

Location of Tuvalu
Tuvalu is a group of literal dots in the globe located in a place unideal for being a spearhead or a part of a logistic chain

The country is committed to providing 100% renewable energy by 2020. While this may seem like an ambitious project, it is actually feasible given the low population of the country. Added to this is the aid of other countries given to achieve 100% reliance on renewable power.

If by 2020, Tuvalu is already self-sufficient in terms of energy, then it will be an ideal place to hole up during World War 3.

6.) Australia

flag of Australia

The location of Australia makes it an ideal continental fort that cannot be besieged by land. It is surrounded by water, making it easy to defend from land. It will be a total logistic mess if someone wanted to take out Australia through conventional warfare, thanks to the fact that it is far from ports that can be used to stage a naval or aerial assault.

In case someone attempts to besiege Australia, they will have to set up a very stretched supply chain that is hard to implement but easy to disrupt. Moreover, if the attackers somehow manage to land and establish a spearhead in the northern parts of Australia, they will find themselves far from major cities, once again facing a supply chain problem.

location of Australia
Australia is an impregnable fortress found near the bottom of the world

In terms of strategic weapons, Australia will not be easily nuked. Strategically important locations and dense cities are scattered throughout the continent so it will require lots of nukes to be allocated for the purpose.

Australia is pretty self-sufficient in terms of food. As one of the largest exporters of wheat, bovine meat, wool, sheep meat, and goat meat, you won’t have to worry about starvation if ever World War 3 happens. The country is also a major exporter of anthracite which is a type of coal used for power plants. With this fact and the continuous growth of renewable energy in Australia, you can rest assured that no energy shortage will happen unless an EMP strike is fired at Australia.

The main drawback of Australia is the fact that it is a part of ANZUS (Australia, New Zealand, and US) treaty which means that it is obliged to participate if the US will be caught up in World War 3 (Which is very likely).

5.) New Zealand

flag of new zealand

New Zealand shares the same strategic advantage of Australia. The main difference is it is much farther than the aforementioned continent, thus making an attack far less likely and more logistically straining. It may be a lot smaller than Australia, but the country should not be underestimated.

New Zealand is very self-sufficient in terms of food production, especially because it is an exporter of foodstuff including meat, dairy products, and fish. It is also worth taking note that as of 2015, 40.1% of New Zealand’s gross energy supply is provided by renewable energy like geothermal power and hydroelectric power. 40.1% is not 100%, so, if ever New Zealand is affected by World War 3, you can still expect that the government will find a way to mitigate power usage through rotating brownouts and other alternative methods. Coal mines will also likely reopen to have an additional source of power in standby.

location of new zealand
New Zealand shares the same strategic advantage with Australia.

Just like Australia, New Zealand is a part of ANZUS so you can expect New Zealand to be involved if the US is to go to war. Thankfully, it also means that US and Australia will stand by New Zealand’s side if things go sour, so you don’t have to count New Zealand out of the list of safest countries if World War 3 happens.

4.) Iceland 

flag of iceland

With a score of 1.096, Iceland aces the Global Peace Index. It has consistently been rank 1 from 2008 to 2018, excluding 2010. The country has no standing army but is protected by fellow NATO members. The only war that directly involved the country was the Cod War which was caused by fishing zone dispute. Thankfully, the war was resolved diplomatically.

Icelanders pride themselves for not maintaining an army and plans to continue doing so. Thus, the country will not participate in large-scale wars. Added to this is the fact that Iceland is self-sufficient in terms of energy and food production. In case World War 3 breaks out, Iceland can remain self-sufficient, thanks to its capability to export seafoods, though Icelanders will have to brace themselves for the lack of variety of food.

Approximately 85% of Iceland’s power comes from self-produced renewable energy, so Iceland does not have to import anthracite or any other power production resource. Hence, power supply will not be disrupted if the global supply chain is drastically affected.

location of iceland

If Iceland is such a peaceful country, then why not place it higher on the list? Because Iceland is strategically important for both NATO and Russia. Iceland is the most strategic location for controlling the GIUK gap (Greenland, United Kingdom, and Iceland) which is a very vital location. During the Cold War, the gap was a centerpiece of strategies to avoid Soviet submarines from breaking through the Atlantic. Needless to say, its importance will remain the same if World War 3 breaks out, making Iceland an important target.

3.) Greenland

flag of greenland

Greenland, though a Danish territory, is not placed in a strategic position so it will be quite far from World War 3’s path of ravage. Even if Denmark will be involved in the conflicts of NATO, Greenland will be far from the field of battle and pose no strategic threat so the territory will probably be ignored (unless it becomes a staging point for aerial and naval operations). Added to that is the fact that Greenland is pretty self-sufficient in term of their food production, so grumbling stomach will not be much of a problem (though the economy can collapse) unless you can’t stomach fish and shrimp.


2.) Singapore

flag of singapore

Ever since its expulsion from Malaysia in 1965, Singapore has never been involved in any war. Ironically, it has one of the most advanced military in South-East Asia, thanks to their military spending which is 4.9% of their GDP (which is relatively high). As an added bonus, Singapore is politically stable and is not in a formal mutual defense alliance with any country so you can rest assured that not a single nuke will land on Singapore unless the aggressor of World War 3 is trying to destroy the world.

Singapore is recognized as one of the least corrupt countries, as suggested by the Corruptions Percentage Index, thus you can rest assured that the country will not fall apart due to corruption (which will likely happen to a normal country if a large scale war will happen).
The main drawback of Singapore is its inability to produce sufficient food and water to supply its population. With the Global supply chain disrupted, Singapore will be in serious trouble. Thankfully, you can ignore this problem if you are a prepper, though expect the economy to be harshly affected

1.) Switzerland

flag of switzerland

One day, Switzerland will be written in the thesaurus as a synonym of peace. Yep. Switzerland is that peaceful. They have self-imposed and permanent foreign policy we know as Swiss neutrality. It is designed in such a way that Switzerland will not be tangled in foreign military conflicts.

The economy of Switzerland is not so reliant on foreign trade, but as a normal country, it will be affected by the collapse of the global supply chain. Thankfully, it is pretty self-sufficient in terms of food production, but you can expect that your balanced diet will be ruined if World War 3 ever begins, especially because of Switzerland. You can take a look at the self-sufficiency chart of Switzerland below:


Product Sufficiency Percentage
Milk 116
Animal Fats 113
Meat 86
Potatoes 68
Sugar 62
Eggs 54
Vegetables 50
Cereal Based Foods 47
Fruits 27
Vegetable Fats 21
Alcoholic Drinks 20
Nuts 2
Fish and shellfish 2


Take note, however, that Switzerland still imports various products from other countries so the food supply and the economy will surely be affected by a global scale war. In addition, the refugees from the war will surely be taxing to the food production, but the situation will likely be less severe than that of other countries.

switzerland location
Switzerland is landlocked in the middle of Europe but is ringed by advantageous terrain

As an added bonus, Switzerland is surrounded by the Swiss Alps, Swiss Plateau, and the Jura Mountain. With these rough terrain guarded by various fortifications, invaders can easily be fended off by asymmetric warfare. And let’s not mention that air support will likely be an unrealistic dream.

The main downside of Switzerland is the fact that it is a part of mainland Europe. With such a location, it can easily be affected by the plausible nuclear winter resulting from the exchange of nuclear weapons. It may even be affected by the nuclear fallout resulting from the bombardment of its neighboring NATO countries.
In a nutshell, Switzerland is one of the safest countries if World War 3 happens.



Above is a list of the safest countries if World War 3 happens. Unfortunately, even the safest country will be affected. They may be strategically unimportant and will not be a recipient of a devastating nuke or a conventional attack, but they will surely be affected by nuclear fallout and even the nuclear winter that will result from the exchange of thousands of nukes. These countries may be able to provide their own food and energy, but their own economy will collapse from the disruption of the global supply chain. Yeah, there may be food to buy but these foodstuffs will inflate in price due to demand, so starvation will still be a thing.
Nobody will be completely safe from World War 3, so we all have to learn how to become self-sufficient. Know how to forage and grow your own food. Learn to thrive in any situation. Being prepared is better than being sorry.

As things currently stand, World War 3 is not bound to happen. No one wants a global economic collapse and a nuclear fallout. The Mutual Assured Destruction doctrine and other destructive systems we have in place help utilize our own fear as a device of safety. Unfortunately, history has shown that we are only one human error away from complete annihilation.

What do you think?

Written by James Bana


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