Top 5 Prepping Mistakes that Every New Prepper Should Avoid

The wonderful world of prepping is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time especially if you are new to it. There are lots of stuff to do and tons of materials to get your hands on. We know you feel giddy with excitement, but hold your horses! Prepping mistakes always happens for newbies and it is not something to be ashamed of. Keep it to yourself, don’t tell anyone, and you are good.

Almost every prepper made these same prepping mistakes and we hope that you read this first before you commit them. If we are too late, well, there are plenty more that you could avoid. 😉 So, here’s hoping we speed up the process for you.

5 prepping mistakes you need to avoid:

Preppers tend to focus on supplies more than their skills.

Alright, so you got a gun. Now what? Being a gun owner does not immediately make you a sharpshooter. What? You’ve been to a firing range once? And you think that is enough? No, my young padawan. It takes more than one practice to acquire this skill. Also, remember that a moving target is so much more difficult to shoot at compared to a still target. Beginners often commit these prepping mistakes because they think using a gun is just all about pulling the trigger.

When you are out in the woods, you really do not expect your prey to stand still while you get ready to shoot, right? This does not just apply to shooting. It applies to every single piece of equipment you have. You do not just keep your navigation tools after you have bought them. Study it and learn how to use it. You will never have time to read the manual when disaster strikes, believe me. So, make sure you learn all the necessary skills for survival. We know that buying new cool stuff is quite exciting, but remember why you are buying it in the first place. Never make this prepping mistake. Ever.
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Trying to be a lone wolf.

We get it. You hate people and want to be on your own, for your peace of mind and not have to think about murder. But let us face it, even wolves travel in packs. as a prepper, you should know that the more people there are working together, the higher the chances of survival. Most often we commit these prepping mistakes because we feel a sense of grandeur or superiority.

Luckily, there are billions of people in this world that you can actually choose which ones can be in your own pack. Yep, you can call it whatever you want. A pack, a pride – does not matter. What matters is that you need experienced preppers on your team. Why? Because you actually do not know everything and you may not have all the skills for survival such as medical skills, gardening, bartending, repairs, and animal husbandry just to name a few and you’d get our meaning.

Being alone after a disaster is not the best idea unless you have learned all of these things before you became a prepper. But being new to prepping and being alone only spells disaster for you as well.

top 5 prepper mistakes

Getting rid of human excrement the wrong way.

New preppers are always busy with buying the right supplies and stocking up on food, but they never think about how they could dispose of their excrements properly. Did you know that more people die of health reasons after a disaster rather than violence? Survival is always all about food and water. But did you stop and think what you are going to do when that all comes out? Thought so. One of the biggest problems after the earthquake in Haiti was getting rid of human excrement.

Diseases such as typhoid, diarrhea, and cholera are often found in areas with poor sanitation and these diseases can be easily passed on from one person to another. Learning how to dispose of waste needs to be on your priority list.

There are two ways that you can prepare. One is for short-term and the other long-term. Short-term is, for example, the sewage system in your area broke and it will take a few days to repair it. You can simply do your business in a toilet that has a trash bag in it and then dispose of it in a dumpster.

However, when a disaster strikes and you have no idea when everything is going to start working again, you need a better plan. What supplies do you need? How are you going to do it? What are your options in a highly urbanized area? I think we will need to write a whole article about this topic. What do you think? I mean, it is a pretty intense topic.
prepping mistakes

Choosing a bug out location that is too far.

So, you live in the city and you found this secluded place two or three hours away. It is perfect, you say. You will be safe during an earthquake or a strong storm. But did you stop and ask yourself how you are going to get there when the SHTF?

Do you think you can even get to your car and drive a few minutes without things falling on you and people running over you? When you are choosing a bug out location, this means that it should be near your place and you can reach it as soon as you can considering that there is going to be heavy traffic. If you look hard enough, you will find a place that you can fortify and be able to withstand even the apocalypse. Be practical. Do not drag your family for hours to a location that you may not be able to reach.
off grid cabin

Telling every Tom, Dick, and Harry where your bug out location is.

It is well and good that you have people on your team who can contribute either with their skills or knowledge. However, telling the whole world that you are a prepper and bragging how you have stacked on supplies and how safe your location is just spells disaster. When disaster strikes, your family will not be safe because all your neighbors will raid your house. And when you only have enough for your pack, what will you do when others take your supplies?
off grid cabin

These 5 prepping mistakes are not the only ones you are going to make. There are others, but we hope you have the sense to read more articles like this ;).

Isn’t it a great feeling knowing you are wiser today compared to yesterday? 

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