Top 5 Prepper Hobbies You Should Be Into

When people hear talks about prepping, they immediately think about how crazy it is to always be paranoid and think that the world is ending. Seriously, though, we preppers are more relaxed than the average person. Why? Because we know we are prepared for almost anything that could happen. We have all we need to survive even the “end of the world”, one might say. We even have prepper hobbies to distract ourselves with! But being a  prepper is not just about preparing for disasters that could end the world.

But I digress. Preppers do have a life aside from buying survival kits and fortifying our homes so zombies can’t slam their way through the door and windows (yes, this is actually a joke, we just mostly prepare for real-life disasters, but a zombie apocalypse would be fun and terrifying at the same time!). We do go to work. We need money in order to purchase all those kits and other essential stuff for survival. After work, we do not just sit at home, twiddling our thumbs, and wait for a disaster to strike. Believe it or not, we have prepper hobbies. Amazing, right? So, if you are new at prepping or if you just want to have cool hobbies, this is for you.

Top 5 Prepper Hobbies You Should Be Into

1. Hiking/Camping

Sounds fun, right? I mean, who would not want to pack their bags and spend a couple of days with Mother Nature? I guess, there are those who love the city life so much with all the traffic and noise, but if you give it a try, you will learn a lot and maybe hear yourself think for a while. 

Why is this a good hobby for preppers? Imagine that a disaster struck your city and you need to go to a safe location with the coordinates given to you. How do you reach that destination where you can’t just hail a cab to take you there?

Camping and Hiking take a lot of planning. It’s one of the meticulous prepper hobbies. You need to research the terrain and learn all about it. Plan how you are going to survive the great outdoors. You have to navigate, hike while carrying a backpack with all the camping equipment you need to survive. This includes a burner, pot, and emergency kit to name a few, and you need to learn how to go back to civilization safely. You will also get used to sleeping in a tent and roughing it. If you learn to love camping and hiking, your chances of survival increases.

2. Hunting/Fishing

Learning how to be responsible with a hunting rifle is crucial. You need to learn how to respect the power of the rifle and the damage it could cost. More importantly, you will learn how to hunt for food when you have nothing left. Hunting takes more than just shooting at your prey. You need to learn how to track animal trails, conceal yourself, move stealthily, and learn which animals are okay for hunting. 

Also, you need to learn how to hunt without a rifle. What if you run out of bullets? Think you can outrun a deer? Thought so. This means you have to learn how to make and use a bow and arrow and set up traps. 

We included fishing here because this is most probably the easiest way to put food on the table. All you need are proper gear and tons of patience.

Fun, right? You can never learn all these in just one trip. That is why we recommend it as one of your prepper hobbies. So that you can master the art of hunting and providing food for your family. Besides, just imagine how impressed your wife would be when you come home with the day’s catch. 😉

3. Fitness training

Yes, many preppers actually look good physically. We are not what Hollywood movies portray, I swear! You know, we do a lot of research and do tons of outdoor activities in order to prepare ourselves for the inevitable. With all the information that we have, do you really think we can pull all these stuff off by being weak physically? No. If you want to survive, you need to be able to walk for miles while carrying heavy stuff. Your body also needs to be prepared for such rigorous activities.

What kind of fitness training is recommended? We are not picky, really. You need to choose a workout routine that suits you. Remember, the only bad workout is the one that did not happen. 

Perhaps, the next time you see a fit person, he could be a prepper. Who knows?

4. Gardening

Did you read that right? Yes, you did. What did you say? It’s a woman’s job? Well, if you want to starve when there is no game afoot, then you can forego gardening. Remember that most nutrition that you need, you can get from plants. Besides, many think that gardening is actually therapeutic. It calms the mind and the soul. Or, the quiet and the stillness will give you a clear mind and also help you plan the destruction of your enemies. Ha! 

Jokes aside, your family will surely thank you for it. Although you can also grow animals. You will have a hard time raising them. You also need to do a lot of maintenance to ensure everything is cleaned. Indeed, as long as you know how to garden, you will never run out of food.

5. Self-defense training

In a civilized and ideal world, people act their best (most of the time). But when civilization crumbles and people’s lives are disrupted, you will witness behavior that you have never seen before except in animals. That is the reality, I kid you not. Have you seen videos of places that are often struck by natural disasters (except Japan cause they are always the exception, I mean after being struck by a strong earthquake and a tsunami, not one person panicked)? People start looting and leaving others to their own fate. I’m not saying everybody does this. I’m saying that it happens and if you were caught in this kind of violence, you really need to have the skills be able to protect yourself and your family.

There are several self-defense classes that you can take. There’s Brazilian Jui Jitsu, taekwondo, boxing, and karate to name a few. Find out which one is more suited for you and enroll in that class.

So you see, prepping is not all doom and gloom. We are fun people to be with aside from all these talks about the world ending. And prepper hobbies are fun! Why don’t you give it a try?

What do you think?

Written by Nanderk


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