5 Important Items For Your Prepper Supplies Checklist

How do you prepare yourself in times of disaster? War? Crisis? Emergencies? Have you already have a system or plan in place? If you have, are you sure it’s gonna work? That’s why a prepper supplies checklist is there to help you keep track of the things you need in case an emergency happens.

In this article you will learn :

  • Essential supplies for survival
  • How to make the most of your supplies

Why is a Prepper Supplies Checklist Important?

We don’t know when a disaster will strike. I recalled my experience during the 2011 tropical storm Washi, which killed over 600 people and thousands missing even until today. The city became paralyzed. The power went out and the local water supply got contaminated because of the flood. Although I was in a less affected area during the flood, I got to see dead bodies piling up by the river. It was really a terrible sight to see.

At first, I regularly went with my day. I was attending college in the city so I was living on my own. I had my weekly grocery in stock and a water container so I wasn’t worried that much. It was only after I went outside to get something to eat that I realized the gravity of the situation.

Businesses were paralyzed because there was no water supply and electricity to boot. My water supply was running empty so I went to a grocery mall. The place was overrun by mobs of people trying to buy food and water supplies. Everyone was frantic and hurrying to buy. Because I didn’t have much money, I only bought 1 gallon. And that 1 gallon of water was all I had for a week. I had to ration it until I was able to go home to the countryside. (the bridge was being repaired so I couldn’t get home)

Lesson Learned From Experience

Because of that incident, I had to survive on only a gallon of water (which is about 4 liters) for a week. I definitely learned my lesson and would never want to experience it again. It’s better to prepare than be sorry later. What’s more, I took the weight of the situation lightly. Because in our place, we are used to constant typhoons every now and then. There were many casualties during that flood which I didn’t know at that time. I was lucky to be far from the main disaster and secure supplies for my own to survive. Therefore, I’ve become wiser and more prepared in case of emergency situations. I have my very own prepper supplies checklist should there be another natural disaster in our area.

The Ultimate Prepper Supplies Checklist

I learned to be prepared for emergency situations the hard way. In order to avoid being in a hard situation again, I made the ultimate prepper supplies checklist. Next time when an unexpected crisis happens, I’m prepared with the necessary items to survive. I’ll generalize the important things you need and why it’s really important to have them. What is good about this is that each and every one of us has different preferences and different needs. Therefore, a general consensus of the general items helps us pick specific items. For example, I live in a tropical area. I wouldn’t need a coat for surviving winter.

That’s why you don’t necessarily have to follow all within the checklist. You also need to know your environment and add necessary items accordingly. Here is the ultimate prepper checklist.

1) Water

Water - Ultimate Supplies Checklist

I even shared my experience so this wouldn’t be complete without the most important item to have, which is water.

Water is essential to the body. Your body can only last approximately 7 days without water. Therefore, it’s important to secure your supply of water. Likewise, you need to make sure that your water supply is clean and safe to drink. In order to do that you need to have the necessary tools. How?

  • Water Filters – help clean the water making it safe to drink
  • Water Storage – helps store water preventing it from getting contaminated by external sources
  • Emergency Water Rations – useful for outdoor exploration, and when there is a lack in supply of water. It’s also good for long term storage.
  • Water Vents – to help consume water without contaminating it

Although some of these things aren’t literally water like water filters. Water tools help clean the water and make it drinkable. Water should be at the top to have in your Ultimate Prepper Supplies Checklist.

2) Food

Food - Ultimate Prepper Supplies Checklist

Food is also important for nourishment. The Prepper Supplies Checklist is made in order for you to survive in a crisis situation. In order for your body to work you need energy. Because food is the human’s source of energy, it’s important to have it in your prepper supplies checklist. You won’t be able to function properly without it. Because of that, your chances of surviving a crisis gradually goes down. Because your body will be consuming your own flesh to provide you with energy.

So what should we consider when creating our personalized prepper supplies checklist?

  • Emergency Rations – food takes preparation and sometimes you won’t have the time to prepare. Emergency rations help recharge your body to regain your energy. There are also emergency rations that last for 30-40 years.
  • Cook – Everything related to cooking. Especially when you’re on the move or outdoors. You’ll need a carryable cooking gear.
  • Fish – Especially when you’re near a lake, sea, or river. Fishing would be your main source of food. So you’ll need a fishing gear to help make catching fishes easy.

Food has an expiration date. It spoils and if you eat it will cause sickness. So that’s why it’s important to have hunting and cooking tools. Although I did not include hunting tools like guns, they are very useful. But there are alternative natural methods to hunt for food. It adds more resourcefulness to prepping.

3) Health

Health - Ultimate Prepper Supplies Checklist

It’s also important to take care of your health. In a crisis, sickness or accidents does occur. And also because of the crisis, there won’t be any hospitals or doctors around to treat you. Therefore, it’s important to have your medicines and health kits in your prepper supplies checklist.

  • First Aid – Your basic health kit. Especially helpful when accidents or natural disaster happens. It’s always a necessity to have a first aid kit around.
  • Anti-Insects – Don’t underestimate insects. Especially in tropical regions. They carry malaria, dengue, and other deadly diseases. Although in a crisis-free world, it’s treatable. But when there is a crisis, it’s a different story. That’s why it’s better to have repellent than risk contracting a disease from insect bites.
  • Personal Care – Hygiene is also important. When you’re not clean, bacterias grow. One wrong move and these bacterias could infect your body system. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your body clean.

4) Tools and Equipment

Tools and Equipment - Ultimate Prepper Supplies Checklist

Even the early men made tools to make work easier. Tools are part of everyday survival. It greatly increases your chance of survival because they help make tasks easier. Therefore, the easier the task the less energy you expend. Giving you more energy to do other tasks as well. That’s why it’s always in a prepper supplies checklist.

There are various tools and equipment used for different purposes. We’ll take on important tasks that you’ll be doing in a survival situation.

  • Navigation – Especially when you’re on the move. Navigation tools help you travel in the right direction. Although you also need to be able to know how to use it. Learning navigation would be a really great skill to have.
  • Lighting – There’s a high chance you won’t have power in crisis situations. Therefore, lighting is very important especially at nighttime. Also, there will be times when you have to travel at night.
  • Lodging and Sleeping – You need shelter if you’ll venture outdoors. Having a shelter means safety and protection from cold, disease-carrying insects, the wild.
  • Protective Clothing – In case of a nuclear outbreak or other disasters. Protective clothing protects you from infectious disease, radiation, and other harmful things like airborne viruses.
  • Knives – it seems that cutting things is a thing when a disaster happens. Because there are no power tools or it’s hard to use one because it needs power. Therefore, knives become very useful for basic tasks.
  • Multi-Tools – Multi-tools are very useful as you don’t know what you’ll encounter in a crisis situation.

5) Communication

Communication - Ultimate Prepper Supplies Checklist

It’s really important to have a communication tool in times of crisis situation. For example, when there is an apocalypse, it’s easier to get in touch with relatives or other people via radio. Or when you are lost, you’ll need a communication tool to get other people’s attention. Also, when you’re trapped during a disaster, communication means a lot in order for a rescue to be done faster. Therefore, it’s really important that you have communication tools in your prepper supplies checklist.

  • Emergency Radios – emergency radios in the modern age have additional functions like lighting, charger, and USB input. Plus, it’s solar powered making them long-lasting.
  • Standard Radios – You won’t be too sure if cellular signals would work in a certain area. Therefore, two-way radios always come in handy for outdoor exploration with a group or partner.
  • Emergency Flutes – Emergency flutes help in attracting other people’s attention. This is a very handy equipment in case you get lost, in danger, or trapped. It always helps to attract rescue or deter dangerous animals from you.

Additional Notes

Although I did not add weapons and self-defense, it really does help increase safety and security. I just didn’t include because of my experience here in my place. When there is a disaster in our area, the people tend to help each other instead of fighting. Therefore, I didn’t include self-defense tools and weapons. Because their purpose is to scare people or defend from dangerous elements.

The Prepper Supplies Checklist I made is related to the most basic functions that a man needs in order to survive. You can add personalized items to your prepper supplies checklist. I only discussed the key essentials for the ultimate prepper supplies checklist. It might be different from your area. So you need to think for yourself what will be an essential addition to your prepper supplies checklist.

If you want a sample of a supplies checklist or want to use one, made a prepper supplies checklist to help people. You can check Prepper Supplies Checklist. You can download it and help you start with your prepper supplies checklist.

I hope you enjoyed reading and remember that preparation is everything in times of disaster. Learn from my experience and be wiser. There is no harm in being prepared. The future is always uncertain that’s why we need to be ready when the worst happens.

What do you think?

Written by Jake Obguia

I love the outdoor life! I grew up in a city and never went out that much. When I was 13 years old, we moved to the countryside. Right then, I found a lifestyle that I loved. I made friends with country boys and they taught me how to fish, raise livestock, pick fruits and plants without the aid of technology. I now enjoy exploring mountains, looking for majestic lakes or river to swim, and camping out.


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