The Rise of #Vanlife and Why It’s Gaining Popularity

If you still haven’t heard, #vanlife has been trending for a long time. It’s still gaining popularity and is not slowing down. The #Vanlife has over 2 million followers on instagram with over 4.5 million posts. The #Vanlife movement was even featured in Forbes.

In this article, we’ll have an in-depth look at why the #vanlife movement is gaining popularity

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What is #Vanlife?

Well, if you still don’t know van life it’s simple. Vanlife is living within the premises of a van. The van is usually customized so that the interior looks like the interior of a house.

Moreover, customizations vary. You can just have a bed built-in, some storage for materials, etc… depending on your preference.

In addition, the #vanlife movement is a lifestyle. It’s closely related to off-grid living. A simple, independent, and blissful lifestyle.

Why People Are Following the #Vanlife

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Because it’s freedom. #Vanlife isn’t just fully living your life in the van. You can #vanlife in your vacation and holidays. Moreover, #vanlife isn’t a full-time commitment (but also can). In fact, 51% do it part-time while 49% do it full-time.

In addition, van life offers a cheap alternative to traveling. No more expensive hotels and flight tickets as long as it’s within the United States. Moreover, you can stop by or discover tourists spots or natural landmarks along the way. You feel the experience more.

A lot of people also resorted to #vanlife in response to the rising cost of real estate. Buying a real estate property is very expensive plus the mortgage and taxes will eat away your wealth. Renting prices have also increased, to people’s inconvenience.

Hence, why a lot of people resorted to other ways like the #vanlife movement. It’s very cheap to start and gives you a lot of freedom with your life.

How Much Will It Cost Me to Start #Vanlife?

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It all depends on your needs as you will customize your van according to your lifestyle. But compared to real estate, it’s very cheap.

A survey by found out that 31.3% who started van life cost them $1000 to $5000, 24.2% spent $5001 to $10,000. Only 3% spent over $40,000 to convert their vans.

41.8% has a weekly budget of $50 to $100, 34.7% has $101 to $300. In addition, you also have to have a monthly budget for gas for full-time van life. About 56.3% allocate $101 to $300 so you have a fair estimate when you’re out traveling.

For campsites, 37.8% didn’t spend a single dime while the rest did ranging from a dollar to over 300$.

You also have to register your van, depending on the State, fees may vary. In addition, if you’re a full-time van lifer and don’t have a permanent address, you can register in South Dakota. South Dakota allows people to register their cars as long as you can provide proof of U.S citizenship.

Transitioning to #Vanlife

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It can be a tedious process but it’s all worth it. For starters, start cheap. If you’re really not sure if you want a #vanlife then start cheap.

There are vans out there for sale under $1500 and you can customize it personally. You can also check this blog where she only spent under $3500 converting it to an off-grid camper. As long as you plan it out, you won’t have to spend so much. Remember, that #vanlife is all about freedom and living independently.

Moreover, #vanlife isn’t just all good stuff. Everything has their pros and cons too. Sure you see those awesome instagram photos of #vanlife but the process of getting there is a tedious one. You’ll encounter problems like budgeting, flat tires, place to rest, etc… Everything requires effort and after that effort is a rewarding date with what mother nature has to offer.

Other Things to Keep in Mind About Van Life

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Van life isn’t for everybody. It depends on the lifestyle you want. You can do it part-time or full-time. There are families that have a van life lifestyle and they make it work. So it really comes down to the effort you put into it.

Everyday offers different challenges. Things like finding a place to eat, camp, and shower. For part-timers or vacationers it’s navigating the area to get to those breathtaking view of nature.

In addition, you’ll have to find and work on different jobs if you want to be constantly on the move. Which means you won’t have a stable income. Not unless you have wealth creation tools already set.

Also, if you can make sure to have emergency radios just in case. Furthermore, if you want an ample supply of electricity for use you can check always check some solar power products.


The #Vanlife movement continues to grow. The popularity is understandable as real estate prices are skyrocketing and city life becoming busier. We want to feel free and liberated and the #vanlife movement became that representation.

If you’re starting one then good luck on your journey and remember that it’s not an easy ride. The journey is always the sweetest. You’ll encounter different problems but when you stop over a piece of view from nature then you’ll know that it was all worth it.

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Written by Jake Obguia

I love the outdoor life! I grew up in a city and never went out that much. When I was 13 years old, we moved to the countryside. Right then, I found a lifestyle that I loved. I made friends with country boys and they taught me how to fish, raise livestock, pick fruits and plants without the aid of technology. I now enjoy exploring mountains, looking for majestic lakes or river to swim, and camping out.

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