How to Make Your Own Powdered Sugar

When we think about sugar, we usually associate it with health problems. It’s almost commonly attributed to diabetes. But sugar isn’t all bad. Rather, our body needs sugar. It’s a source of instant energy. Without it, the body won’t function normally. In contrast, processed sugars aren’t good for you. If you want to make sure you get natural sugar, then you have to make your own powdered sugar.

In this article, you will discover how to make your own powdered sugar

  • Through sugar beets
  • Through maple sugar

How to Make Your Own Powdered Sugar

First of all, let’s make things clear. There are good sources of sugar. They can be found in fruits, lactose, and milk. This type of sugar benefits your body. Sugar that comes from food processing is mainly bad for your health.

Sugar mainly functions to give energy to the body. Parts of the sugar your body takes is absorbed and turned into immediate energy for daily function. The excess sugar is stored in your body and will be consumed if your body needs that extra energy.

In spite of its usefulness, too much excess sugar turns into fat. This will consequently lead to health complications. The daily normal consumption of sugar is 6 teaspoon for women and 9 teaspoons for men. Furthermore, it gets worse when the only source of sugar you get comes from bad sugar. Processed foods like chocolate bars, granolas, and cola have high contents of sugar.

You might think sugar needs a lot of complicated processes to make because you see them processed in large fields and factories. However, there are ways you can make your own powdered sugar at home. This way you are sure that its natural. It’s also a good skill to learn in case of unexpected events.

You can make your own powdered sugar and here’s how:

How to Make Sugar From Sugar Beets

how to make your own powdered sugar using sugar beet

Sugar beet is a well-known plant. It’s popularly grown to produce sugar. In fact, Sugar beet is more popular compared to sugar cane. The reason mainly because it’s much easier to grow sugar beet compared to sugar cane in cold regions.

Sugar beet can grow in cold weather. Countries like United States, Russia, Germany, and Ukraine prefer growing sugar beet because of the cold weather. Sugar beets grow easily in any type of weather. Therefore, growing your own sugar beet shouldn’t be a problem.

Before you start to make your own powdered sugar from sugar beets, you should first know what sugar beet looks like. You might mistake the red or white bulbous ones as sugar beet. They’re not sugar beets. In fact, sugar beet looks more like a parsnip. They’re elongated and its color is similar to a potato.

In addition, there’s an added benefit when you make your own powdered sugar using sugar beets. You can most likely use the leftover of the beet to feed to your livestock. Not only are you getting your own supply of sugar, but you also get food for your livestock. All of the sugar beets aren’t wasted at all!

Now that you know what sugar beet is you can now make your own powdered sugar using sugar beet. You won’t need any expensive pieces of equipment and it’s easy to do. First, you need to gather your materials.


1) Sugar beets

2) Knife

3) Clean water

4) Cooking pot

5) Burner

6) Storage container

7) Grinder (optional)

Directions for making sugar from sugar beets

1) First step, you should do is to clean your sugar beets. Scrub off the dirt or any debris that is on the sugar beets.

2) Second, use a knife to slice the beets into small pieces. You can also dice or shred them as long as they’re in small pieces. Then place the sliced beets in a pot.

3) The third step is to add clean water just enough to cover the sugar beets.

4) Now heat the sliced beets until it boils. Then simmer it until the sugar beets become soft and tender.

5) Next, remove the sugar beets from the heat. Strain the beet pulp out of the juice. Use a cheesecloth.

6) Afterward, return the juice/syrup to the pot.

7) Then with your beet pulp in the cheesecloth, hold it over the pot. Squeeze the cheesecloth until all the juice in the beet pulp is drained.

8) After draining the pulp, simmer the juice in the pot. While it simmers, stir it frequently until the juice becomes a thick, honey-like syrup. Remove the heat afterward.

9) Place your syrup in a storage container. Wait for your syrup to cool.

10) Lastly, when the syrup cools, grind them. You can use mortar and pestle or even your fingers. If you have a grinder at home you can use it. Grind it until it looks like your common table sugar.

11) Congratulations! You just made your very own sugar. You can even store it for longer consumption.

Additional Notes

In spite of its large size, you will only get at least 17% of your beet’s weight as sugar. So if you want a large stock of sugar, you’re gonna need a lot of sugar beets.

If you don’t have the types of equipment to try this or want to try it outdoors. You can check our store for your equipment needs. There’re specifically survival tools there like knives and burners available that will help you make your own powdered sugar. Moreover, we also have items that will help you start a fire if you want to try it outdoors.

In addition, if you’re still confused about how to make your own powdered sugar. You can check this video for visual directions:

How to Make Sugar From Maple Syrup

how to make your own powdered sugar using maple syrup

If you live in the northern North American region, there are probably maple trees in your area. This can be another alternative if you don’t have sugar beets available to make your own sugar.

You don’t necessarily have to be in the North American region, as long if you have maple trees nearby. This is only a last option because maple trees are only ready to be tapped around mid-February to mid-March. Also, the bigger the maple tree the more sugar you can get from it.

You will need a drill to make a hole in the maple tree. But there are also other alternatives. Here in the Philippine rural areas, I’ve seen farmers harvest juice from coconut trees. They use it to make a locally made wine we call “tuba”.

Although they are different trees, the concept of taking the sap is the same. All you need is your machete or ax, a funnel, and your container. Likewise, if you have bamboo tubes at home, you can use them as funnels. Local farmers here use bamboo sticks as a funnel. You can also use other things to act as funnel also. It’s really all about resourcefulness.

How to Harvest Sap from a Maple Tree

1) Using an ax, knife, or machete make a cut on the bark of the tree until you hit a softer wood.

2) When you notice liquid dripping out from it, jackpot! You can make a small hole and connect your funnel into your container.

3) The sap you gathered should be consumed within 2-3 days or it will spoil. Don’t worry! When it’s made into sugar it won’t spoil fast.

To illustrate this method. You can check out this video to help you harvest your own sap. This isn’t only limited to maple trees but you can use also use this technique for other sap yielding trees.

Now that we got our maple sap. It’s time we make it into sugar.


Materials are the same with making sugar using sugar beets. Except we use the sap from the maple instead of sugar beets. You also won’t need water.


1) Strain the sap with cheesecloth or any porous cloth. This will clean out the sap from sediments or any impurities.

2) Place the sap in a pot and boil.

3) Remove it from the heat when it starts to overflow. Only return it to the fire when the foams are gone.

4) When the sap thickens like a syrup, remove it from the heat. Stir it for about five minutes. Make sure it doesn’t harden.

5) Pour your syrup in a storage container. Wait for it to cool.

6) When it cools, grind it into small pieces as we did with the sugar beets.

Additional Notes

You might need heat that can turn the syrup’s temperature to 290-300 degrees.

It takes 10 gallons of sap to make a quart of syrup.

To avoid burning your syrup. Keep at least an inch of sap at the bottom of the pan.


Look how easy it is to make your own powdered sugar! You just learned a skill that might come in handy in survival situations. Also, it’s not only for survival too! If you have the resources you can certainly make your own powdered sugar. You can grow sugar beets or maple trees in your yard and won’t have to go to the market to buy sugar. You can make your own powdered sugar! In addition, it’s all natural and you’re sure that the sugar you’re using is natural and does not come from food processing.

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