Follow These 6 Rules and You’ll be Guaranteed to Survive Any Outdoor Accidents

Exploring the great outdoors from your off-grid home could be the best thing that happens for many of us. For what could be more beautiful than Mother Nature and the animals that roam freely? However, in our excitement to head out the door and start an adventure, we often forget to prepare for the worst. Of course, we do not like thinking negative thoughts, but we all have to remember that Mother Nature may be beautiful, but she could also be very harsh especially at night and you are not prepared for emergencies. So, before we give you a detailed list on what to do during any outdoor accidents, let us first discuss the things you need to prepare before you head out the door.

6 Rules to Follow in Any Outdoor Accidents

1) Tell someone where you’re going or let them know your coordinates.


This is most probably the most basic precaution for any outdoor accidents. When you plan on hiking and camping for a few days or head out to the sea, you have to let someone know where exactly your destination is and how long you plan on staying there.

When the day comes that you should be home and you are not, someone could look for you and alert the authorities of your whereabouts and activities. This applies even if you are doing said activities in a group. Not telling someone that you are leaving town and for how long would decrease your chances of survival should you find yourself in an emergency situation.

2) Take proper tools and equipment 

tools and equipment

While you mostly think of the amazing view that is going to greet you when you reach your destination, you should try your best not to get distracted when you are packing your things.

Make a list of the activities you are going to do and besides those activities, you need to make another list of the things you will most likely need. Especially when outdoor accidents happen.

If you are going to climb a mountain and you are an amateur, you have to bear in mind that it is probably going to be challenging for someone who has been living in a city most of his life.

So, what do you need? It is going to be cold as the altitude is higher so you need proper clothing. This is a common mistake among those who have never climbed mountains before. They think that the temperature up there is not going to be much different. Soon they find out this is not the case especially at night.

Bring tools for cooking, matches or lighter, knife, axe, power banks, paracords, and sleeping bags to name a few.

3) Store emergency numbers that you can call. 


Whatever country you are in, you need to know the local emergency number and store it in your phone and as well as your companions’ phones. You will never know when you have a use for it for any outdoor accidents.

When you are having a great time outdoors, and an emergency situation occurs, two things normally happen to the human body.

The first thing is that we experience shock and then the next thing is that we panic. However, not panicking is what you need to do. Easier said than done especially when there is an accident, and you see blood.

But the best thing you can do for your companion is to think clearly and remember your training if you had any. If not, then make sure you remember all that we are going to tell you next.

4) Assess the situation so you can make a proper response 

What happened? Did someone lose their way and they cannot be found? Or does someone need first aid treatment? Anything can happen during outdoor accidents so the first thing you need to do is make a proper assessment of the situation.

If you need to find someone, you have to gather your forces and make a plan to initiate a search. No one should go off alone without the others knowing his direction or he could get lost as well. Do not panic. Re-assess the situation again and make sure that your plan of action is the best one that you can come up with. Brainstorming at this point would be ideal.

Delegate responsibilities. Not everybody has to go and look. One could stay behind to prepare what is needed such as food and shelter. If you need to purify water, then that should be done in case the missing person needs it ASAP. 

In case of situations where first aid is needed to be applied, know who the best person is in your group to perform first aid because when done wrong. It could make things worse instead of better. Of course, this means that you should not do any outdoor activities that take more than one day to complete. Especially if no one knows how to administer first aid. You should take a first aid course if you are planning on more than just a day trip.

5) Call for help 

If someone in your group has been badly hurt, it may be better for you to call for help instead of moving him. A fracture, for example, needs to be taken care of by experts.

If you are in an area where there is no signal and you cannot make a phone call, you should try sending an SMS. Technology that is used for SMS is a little bit different from voice calls when transmitting a message. Also, your text could be sent even if your phone receives a signal for one second. 

Before you make a call, make sure you know where your exact location is. You should always have a compass or a navigation tool with you. This is included in the basic survival kit sets that are available in the market today.

If you have data, your exact location should be available automatically. You could also turn on your GPS locator to make it easy for everybody. Or you can also use mobile apps to help you with survival.

6) Learn the radio frequency of local authorities 

Lastly, always have an emergency radio with you. Almost all people use the radio when they’re off-grid. It’s reliable and has a wide range of signal, unlike cell phones.

Take a two-way radio with you at all times. Two-way radios are very useful in emergency situations. Carrying a radio with you at all times makes it easier for your companion or rescuers to locate you. You can also call local authorities with these two-way radios for help.

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