The bliss of off-grid living

Offgridbliss was created by a group of off-grid enthusiasts from all over the world.

Some of us want to live self-reliant others live in a van or on a boat and travel the world but we all share a common passion for the off-grid lifestyle.

Offgridbliss is spearheaded by its editor-in-chief, James. James hails from the countryside of the Netherlands. His biggest passion is the off-grid lifestyle and the freedoms that comes with it.

Currently he is working on achieving his off-grid dream of living in a cabin in the woods. He hopes that this website will help him achieve that dream (knowledge wise) and also help other off-grid living enthusiasts.


Offgridbliss’s vision is to help off-grid living enthusiasts achieve their off-grid lifestyle with happiness and satisfaction.


Offgridbliss will achieve their vision by sharing their knowledge (via the website) to off-grid lifestyle enthusiasts that will help them on their off-grid lifestyle.

If you want to collaborate with us, you can contact us by clicking this link.