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25 Airbnb Off-grid Cabins to Stay in 2019 for Your Vacation in the U.S.A!

Ever wanted to escape from the busy life? Don’t have an off-grid home yet and want to try? Or you just want a quiet time alone or with your loved ones? We’ve got it all for you. OGB compiled 25 of the best off-grid cabins you can stay at on within U.S.A and feel self-reliant, independent, and at one with nature. Do note that we are not ranking each off-grid cabin as they each offer different experiences for every off-grid lovers out there.

25 Airbnb Off-grid Cabins to Stay in 2019 for Your Vacation in the U.S.A!

1) Remote Mountain Cabin in the Woods

Galax, Virginia

Remote Mountain Cabin in the Woods

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The property is located in a woods with a private path to a river. The house is made of all wood and so is the furniture. The river is a 10-minute walk from the property. The owner is a gardener so there are lots of plants within the area.

The property is a great location for fishing, hiking, kayaking, and biking. You’ll also enjoy private time without disturbance but if you want the owner can give a tour of the area if you need it.

The property has 1 bedroom so it’s perfect for couples who want to have a sweet alone time with nature. It also has air-conditioning, heating, hot water and essentials.

The owner is a superhost of airbnb, with recent guests rating it at 5 stars and remarked that its sparkling clean.

2) Cabin in the Woods

Bend, Oregon

Cabin in the Woods

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Located within the Deschutes River woods, this cabin is a good place to stay for outdoor excursions. You can invite 5 people to come along with you as it can accomodate 6 people but you have to bring an extra mattress as it only has 2 beds.

The space offers Wifi, HD cable, and Netflix. You can also stay any time of the season cause it has heating and air conditioning. Therefore, it’s perfect for any season of the year.

The space also has a fire-pit and picnic area. Perfect for group activities while being at one with nature.

The hosts lives in a log cabin near the area so you can contact them whenever needed. However, you will still feel the privacy you need if you prefer it.

It’s also within driving distance of stores so you can buy much needed supplies.

3) The Pondhouse – A Magical Place

Ashfield, Massachusetts

The Pondhouse - A Magical Place

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Although technically not a cabin, you’ll love it for its design. It doesn’t have walls therefore you’ll feel like sleeping within nature without compromising comfort. Be careful thou, without walls means that you’ll feel the full breeze at night so get your blankets ready!

The place can accomodate 5 people therefore it’s perfect for a vacation with a group of friends. It has 3 beds all in the only space you’ll have.

There is no electricity at the place. No Wifi or cell service meaning you’ll experience a retreat without the chains of technology like Twitter and Instagram. (You can post your photos afterwards thou) However, if it’s an emergency, there is a wifi and a landline you can use at the studio.

There’s no kitchen and no stove. However, you’ll experience the traditional way of cooking via a fire pit (which the place has). There is also a bathroom that is a 2-minute walk from the place.

The hosts also lives nearby so in any case of emergency or a quick tour they’ll be available.

This place offers a different experience. It’s more of the traditional off-grid lifestyle. It’s a perfect experience for people who wants to live without depending on modern technology.

4) Joshua Tree Homesteader Cabin

Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree Homesteader Cabin

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Want to experience other places aside from forests? This place is perfect for you! It’s located within 5 acres of desert wilderness. The place is also perfect for stargazing at night. It’s also been featured in the New York Times Travel magazine.

Although situated in the desert, there are still activities you can do. You can hike to the Integratron and Giant Rock which is 15 minutes away. You can also visit Noah Purifoy’s famous sculpture garden site two miles away. If you want to experience local music, you can check out the Lou Harrison House within a 10-minute drive.

However, if you want to experience more on off-grid, the place offers it too. The cabin is located beside a natural wildlife habitat. This habitat houses animals like cottontail rabbits, lizards, desert tortoise, roadrunners, coyotes, and many others.

5) The Lost Coast Tower, Petrolia

Petrolia, California

The Lost Coast Tower, Petrolia

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Although not a cabin and more of a tower, this place is a great feast for your eyes. The tower is located on a secluded hilltop. The view from the place is beautiful! You can take quality photos with all the thick forests and mountains.

The place can only accommodate 2 guests therefore, it’s a place for couples who likes to have a retreat or a romantic time together.

There’s also no wifi and cell reception in the area is poor. However, there’s a landline that you can use within the area. Perfect, for couples who wants to spend time with each other without any disturbance.

6) Off the Grid Cabin in the Green Mountains

West Bolton, Vermont

Off the Grid Cabin in the Green Mountains

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An off-grid tiny house cabin located at secluded place in the green mountains. It’s equipped with a solar heated outdoor shower, outhouse, cooking stove, and a wood stove.

There is no heater in the cabin so the only heat source you’ll have for cold nights is the wood stove. You’ll get to experience heating the traditional way or if you’re new at it learn how to make fire using traditional ways.

In addition, there’s a farm with garden and chicken coop. You can freely visit the place and learn how farming life is. However, you’re not allowed to gather vegetables or collect eggs.

You can also do various activities like hiking, rock climbing, swimming, kayaking, fishing, etc… The Long Trail is located within minutes of the place.

7) Off-Grid Tiny House at Spirit Walk

Wofford Heights, California

Off-Grid Tiny House at Spirit Walk

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An off-grid tiny house that can house 4 guests with 2 beds. The host calls it the “Playhouse”. It’s tiny but the inside is very well-furnished.

The place is located in the foothills of Sequoia National Forest. The house is also 100% solar powered! Guaranteed that the place is eco-friendly!

The place also has 12 campsites available for additional cost. There are also camping gears available for you for an additional fee.

However, the kitchen and fire pit is shared. If you don’t mind it as the host also resides there and will entertain any inquiries or provide a tour. But there are plenty of private spaces within the property.

8) Mushroom Dome Cabin

Aptos, California

Mushroom Dome Cabin

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Now you can experience living in a geodesic dome. The place has a large deck in the trees so it mostly feels like you’re living in a treehouse. It also house a nice glass rooftop, perfect for stargazing within the dome at the comfort of your bed.

The property is 10 acres wide. Plenty of nature you can explore and enjoy. It also has plenty of wildlife. The hosts themselves own some animals. You can pet the gats or milk them. They also have chicken, cats, and a dog.

The cabin is equipped with a wifi, couch, and a pull-out table. You’ll also have 2 tables, one on the outside and one on the inside. The place also has power. The toilet is a self-contained composting toilet. That’s one thing to keep in mind if you’re uncomfortable with it.

9) Adorable Garden Gingerbread House

Makawao, Hawaii

Adorable Garden Gingerbread House

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A nice off-grid beach getaway! Perfect for a honeymoon or a quality time with your loved one. It’s near to any shops for any supplies you need all while feeling private and off-grid.

Did you also know? The place was where Jimi Hendrix stayed at while filming Rainbow Bridge. The place is a studio cottage equipped with necessary kitchen utensils. There’s also internet connection within the area.

Furthermore, The area is a 4.5 acres that you’re free to explore. There is an organic vegetable farm, fruit trees, and other plants. You can also visit the Sacred Garden.

However, if you’re planning to stay, the owner requires that you book a minimum of 3 nights but may book 1-2 nights depending on other available bookings.

10) The Little Owl Cabin at Mt. Rainier

Packwood, Washington

The Little Owl Cabin at Mt. Rainier

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The place is a very unique off-grid cabin. It’s 20 minutes away from Mt. Rainier National Park and White Pass Ski Area. It can house up to 5 guests with 4 beds available.

The off-grid cabin also has a cedar soaking hot tub, wifi, gas grill, sound system, deck, and a balcony. The National Park is a perfect place to venture for your outdoor activities

11) Spirit of 1870s in Gold Rush Cabin

Big Bear City, California

Spirit of 1870s in Gold Rush Cabin

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Feel the spirit of living in the 19th century. The area is a breath of authentic old west with an overlooking meadow and pine trees. The furnitures inside the off-grid cabin looks like your old western gold rush era.

You can also explore the 5-acre private Sky Ranch and feel the outdoor freedom. The house is also listed as the oldest wooden building in Southern California.

The place offers a variety of activities you can experience like ski and snowboard resorts, alpine lake, Stanfield Marsh Boardwalk & Wildlife Preserve, and many more. Perfect for you to enjoy any outdoor activities you want while experiencing living off-grid.

12) Helen, GA North Georgia Mountains

Sautee, Georgia

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An off-grid cabin located near Unicoi State Park/Anna Ruby Falls and Helen. It can house up to 6 guests with 3 beds.

Not much of a traditional off-grid experience because the place is packed with luxuries. The place is equipped with microwave, dishwasher, electric stove, outside jacuzzi, inside jacuzzi, air hockey, foosball, dart board, wifi, and charcoal BBQ grill. However they do have an outside fire pit. They also have a great area perfect for hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

13) Away from it All in the Smokies

Tallassee, Tennessee

Away from it All in the Smokies

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The off-grid cabin is within the 25 private acres of land that’s located within range of the Chilhowee Lake. You can see a great view of the lake within the property. It’s also near the “Tail of the Dragon”, a bike and sports-car destination.

Probably the best this off-grid cabin has to offer is it’s hot-tub view of the Smokies. The spa can hold 5 persons at most. The place itself can house up to 9 guests. Therefore, it’s a great place you can stay with a large group of friends.

However, you can also come here with your loved one. Especially, that nice view from the hot-tub can make a romantic day.

The place feels off-grid with a bit of luxury in it. You’ll also feel secluded as there are no other cabins nearby except the hosts.

14) Magical Cozy Vermont Cabin & Sauna

Marshfield, Vermont

Magical Cozy Vermont Cabin & Sauna

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A Nordic inspired off-grid cabin located in the heart of the Green Mountains. It’s aptly named “The Hyggelig Hytte”.

The cabin let’s you experience the Nordic Age with its design and location when its specially in winter.

There is an 11-acre of evergreen and hardwood for you to explore. There’s also a fire pit and a barbecue grill for you to use. There is no indoor plumbing but you’ll be provided with a 5 gallon water jug. There’s also a sauna for added amenities.

In addition, stores and necessities are less than 15-minutes drive away so you’ll have no worries if you forgot some or run out.

15) Moose Haven Cabin

Walden, Colorado

Moose Haven Cabin

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This off-grid cabin is perfect for any off-grid lovers. It’s located in a secluded area with a beautiful view of the Med Bows.

The place is situated near the Routt National Forest and Mt. Zirkel Wilderness. Really a great place for trail hiking.

There’s a gas grill but you can use the fire pit for a more off-grid way of experience. The off-grid cabin is also solar powered. It also has a composting bathroom along with a picnic table so you really feel the off-grid experience.

The place also is a great place to go to if you’re planning on skiing and sledding. For experienced snowmobilers you can experience the Elk Run.

16) Little Cabin at Rocky Top Farms

Ellsworth, Michigan

Little Cabin at Rocky Top Farms

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The off-grid cabin is custom timber-framed located in the middle of Rocky Top Farms, a cherry orchard. It’s also situated beside a pond surrounded by birch trees.

This place feels more on the romantic side for off-grid lovers. You can enjoy the starry sky at night on a romantic sleeping loft. There’s also an outdoor hot tub.

The inside of the off-grid cabin is of very elegant quality of furniture. It feels elegant but off-grid at the same time.

There’s plenty to do within the area as there’s the pond nearby. You can also explore the orchard, woodlands, and the prairie.

17) Rustic Pigeon Forge Log Cabin

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Rustic Pigeon Forge Log Cabin

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The off-grid cabin is located near the top of Pine Mountains. However, it’s also not very far from dining and entertainment places should you want to visit them.

The place is best suited for a couple’s retreat but can house 4 guests. The best part of the place is the view you get as you watch the sunrise from your bed.

You’ll also have many outdoor activities like starting your fireplace but the best thing probably is hiking the top of Pine Mountain. You’ll also get wonderful views over the top of Pine Crest gravel road if you want short hikes.

18) Log Cabin on Lovely Mountain Pond

Newry, Maine

Log Cabin on Lovely Mountain Pond

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Off-grid lovers will love this off-grid cabin. It’s a simple-one room off-grid cabin. They built it around 1902 and was used as a fishing camp. It’s also located near a 12 acre pond. It has electricity, wood stove, and a propane stove (if you need it).

The off-grid cabin is located deep in the woods up a mountain so you should have plenty of areas you can explore. Wildlife includes moose, frogs, flies, and etc…

In the pond you can enjoy fishing, canoeing, kayaks, diving board, rope swing, and an aqua zip-line. However, there are guidelines you need to follow before fishing.

19) Beautiful Cozy Lake Cabin in Woods

Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin

Beautiful Cozy Lake Cabin in Woods

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An off-grid cabin located near a lake, (which is connected chains of 10 lakes). The place offers an outdoor hot tub, composite deck, and a perfect private experience with nature.

If you ever need some supplies, nearby towns are only 10-15 minutes drive away.

You can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and swimming. You can also rent a boat at Greer’s Pier Marina.

20) Half Moon Cozy Off-Grid Cabin @MMV Ecovillage

Gasquet, California

Half Moon Cozy Off-Grid Cabin @MMV Ecovillage

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A true off-grid experience with the small off-grid cabin deep within the Northern California’s Six Rivers National Forest. You can also feel what an ecovillage is while meeting fellow off-grid lovers.

The off-grid cabin has a lofted double bed and a woodstove heat. You can have extra privacy down the Village Road Creek.

The place is home to the Smith River canyon, the only undammed river in California. It’s full of wildlife so you’ll see some black bears and other types of animals.

The ecovillage is a place for off-grid lovers so expect a simplistic way of living there. It’s a great place for everyone who wants to experience the rough off-grid lifestyle.

21) Cozy Alaskan Log Cabin

Fairbanks, Alaska

Cozy Alaskan Log Cabin

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The off-grid cabin is located overlooking Creamer’s Field Waterfowl Refuge, near the edge of the woods.

The place offers the “dry cabin” lifestyle. This means living without running water or an indoor bathroom. A great experience for any off-grid lovers out there. Although you have running water in the kitchen sink but may not be operational during freezing temperatures.

This place offers a unique experience especially for off-grid lovers. Experience survival in the cold, harsh frontiers of Alaska.

22) Family Built Cabin in Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek, Colorado

Family Built Cabin in Cripple Creek

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This off-grid cabin is located in the secluded Colorado wilderness. It’s built by three generations of the Barnett family if you’re into history.

It’s a perfect place for a starry night getaway and an off-grid exploration. The Cripple Creek offers an off-grid exploration on a historic mining and gambling town.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the peace and quiet within your cabin while nestled in the shade of the forest. You can also explore the wilderness that Cripple Creek has to offer.

You can also experience horseback riding at your request to the host but make sure to book it ahead.

23) Off-Grid Cabin Retreat in the Blue Ridge

Burnsville, North Carolina

Off-Grid Cabin Retreat in the Blue Ridge

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An off-grid cabin located in the creekside mountain retreat in the Smoky Mountain. There’s no electricity or plumbing so you’ll feel that off-grid living lifestyle.

Although there is a bathroom and a portable camping shower water which you can fill with hot water.

If you want to feel the off-grid lifestyle in a lone mountain retreat surrounded with forest, you will love this. You’ll also enjoy a wonderful starry view at night.

24) Fern Hook Cabins

Crescent City, California

Fern Hook Cabins

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An off-grid cabin located within a private redwood forest. The inside houses modern furnitures. Therefore, it’s great for people who just want to have a peaceful quiet time within nature while feeling comfortable.

The forest provides plenty of activities like hiking, exploring wildlife, and etc…

25) Riverfront Cabin in the Redwoods

Crescent City, California

Riverfront Cabin in the Redwoods

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A cozy off-grid cabin located beside the Smith River on Redwoods. It can house up to 9 guests, good for a group retreat.

There are two cabins the main and the guest. The main cabin has 2 bedrooms while the guest cabin has a double bed and bunk bed

The outdoor area is a great spot to relax. You can sit on patio chairs while enjoying the overlooking view of the river while also enjoying a bbq party.

The area also has access to a half mile private shoreline and beach. You can enjoy fishing, swimming, kayaking.

You can also check some wildlife like river otters, eagles, steelhead, and many others. There’s also an outdoor hot tub for you to relax and enjoy nature.

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Written by Jake Obguia

I love the outdoor life! I grew up in a city and never went out that much. When I was 13 years old, we moved to the countryside. Right then, I found a lifestyle that I loved. I made friends with country boys and they taught me how to fish, raise livestock, pick fruits and plants without the aid of technology. I now enjoy exploring mountains, looking for majestic lakes or river to swim, and camping out.

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